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MacBook Pro laptop - CHIRP software - Baofeng UV-5RA radio

Setup tips for using the CHIRP software with a MacBook Pro laptop. Generally this wil work for any Mac OS radio and any radio that CHIRP can be used for.

I recently purchased a Baofeng UV-5RA on the recommendation of Shawn KD2DJU. I can't remember the last time I programmed a radio by the keypad so this was obviously no different. I also purchased a Baofeng USB programming cable (which also works with Wuoxon, Kenwood and who knows how many others). The cable comes with a mini CD-ROM disk which is useless in my MacBook Pro and most likely doesn't contain the driver I need anyway. So the search begins for a driver that works and hopefully saves you all some time searching. I also ran into an issue with the stable version of CHIRP itself and managed to get that working. Hopefully this will save you some time.


What you will need:

CHIRP free open source programming software. You will need the latest daily build. As of this writing the stable version from April 2013 will not work.

Daily Build 10/31/2013

I used the factory Baofeng USB programming cable. It contains the Prolific PL2303 serial <-> USB chip. The better cables will use this chipset.

- OSX Installer for Prolific PL2303 USB Cables